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Improving User and Customer Experience


People tracking and queue management solutions provide businesses with the tools and software necessary to observe their pedestrian traffic, analyse their findings, and use the data to measure marketing effectiveness metrics. The ultimate goal of people tracking is to attract profitable and happy customers and improve overall company revenues.


Enhancing the user experience consulting directly correlates with a better conversation rate. One of the most common key performance indicators is in the lineup of the shop. The way a customer queue is organised, wait times, and even formation, can make the difference between a mediocre business, and progressively growing company. Q-Count is the world's first, multi-lane video platform for controlling and improving line-ups while improving businesses with intelligently designed queue management solutions.


Types of Queues


The way a user experience lab company organises their queues has a direct impact on their overall earning potential. A poorly designed line-up system can have customers leaving the store feeling aggravated and impatient due to long wait times, or more aggressive customers easily being able to cut ahead. Q-Count monitors customer behaviour in all queue types. An intelligently formed queue which has been thoroughly considered based on the product being sold, store layout and a number of cashiers, can significantly improve the quality of services offered to clients. Different types of queues include:


Linear Queues: A one line queue where there is a First In First Out [FIFO] customer behaviour.


Parallel Queues: Customers wait in parallel queues, and waiting time is limited by the behaviour of a single cashier, and the customer at the front of the line.


Cloud Queues: Waiting in a loose formation in a designated area.


When a business knows which queue type works best for their business, they can more efficiently run their operation. Even by knowing their customer to staff ratio, they are better equipped with information to make effective changes to the process. If hiring one more person reduces wait times by even five minutes, the cost of one employee can potentially be a huge return on the on the original investment.


Advantages of Q-Count Queue Management Solutions


Q-Count provides real-time feedback to optimise workflow management programs. In addition to providing alerts when customer wait times exceed pre-defined policies it:


Improves Customer Support and Client Retention


Streamlines Staffing


Easy to Install, Use and Maintain


Prevents Queue Bottlenecks


Collects Stores and Communicates Data






Queue management even works for sales and marketing campaigns by noting queue sizes after an advertisement has been announced. This gives businesses a good indication of what is working, and other strategies are needing attention and improvement. Q-Count works because it effectively improves customer service, business models, and gives companies an all-around clearer picture of the approach to their business.